Commerce Auto Insurance Company Rating

Website –
Located – Webster, Massachusetts
Phone – 1-800–922-8276
Employees – 217
2007 Sales (mil.) – $9.3
Description – American Commerce Insurance Company (ACIC) makes American money for its Spanish parent. The company writes property/casualty insurance for individuals and businesses in about a dozen US states. ACIC, which specializes in private automobile and homeowners’ insurance, sells its products through independent insurance agencies and agencies owned and operated by AAA clubs. It offers car, motorcycle, and RV insurance as well as home and condo owners and renters insurance. Founded in 1946, American Commerce Insurance is part of Massachusetts-based The Commerce Group, which is owned by MAPFRE, Spain’s largest non-life insurer.
Reviews & Ratings
smooth1974′s Full Review of Commerce Auto Insurance Company
I have been a member of the commerce Insurance company for 2 years now. They are very excellent to deal with and offer a AAA member discount. About a year and a half ago I was rear ended and called them for help. They were very helpful on the first call and I did not have to play games with them to have my car looked at although damage was minimal. They rapidly took the information from me and set up a case. I forgot to get the other person’s insurance company and policy name and number. With all the other information they tracked it down for me through their license number and address. Within 24 hours I had an appraisor call me to set up a time to come look at my car. They came to me at work and I met them in the parking lot. The person was very professional and I had the estimate back within three business days in the mail. Promptly I was able to make an appointment with my dealer to bring the car in and have it painted ( as there was no physical damage ) They had the check sent to me with the appraisal and it was ready to pay for the paint job. When I went to Enterprise rent a car they had no trouble setting up payment through the insurance company either. They also offered me a discount for taking the MBTA into work each day when I switched my job into Boston when I turn in 11 months of train/subway passes. Luckily I have not had to contact them other than that one situation but compared to the other insurance companies and filing cases with them, Commerce comes in #1.
lightyear27′s Full Review of Commerce Auto Insurance Company
It’s nearly a year since I insured my car with Commerce.
It was a brand new car,and in September 99 I had some major
problems involving the car.
I was expecting major hurdles from the side of the insurance company( Every other person I talked about this had a horror story to narrate about the ways and means of auto insurance companies), but the opposite happened, the dealings with Commerce were very smooth,
their appraiser did his job very fast and I got the cheque
immediately after the appraisal.(On the contrary I had lot of issues with the dealer and the manufacturer).
pravinkn’s Full Review of Commerce Auto Insurance Company
When I purchased a new car ( Honda civic ), I couldn’t decide which insurance company I should approach .I didn’t know many names . I had heard about AAA and a colleague recommended that I approach them.
I had no idea that AAA were in fact acting for Commerce Insurance company.
Well, the paper work was done smoothly in a day and I got a shock when the agent told that my premium would be over 1500$ .Minus the discount for being a AAA member , the premium still was around 1450 $.I was placed in
the neutral step of 15 .The AAA agent suggested that if i get a letter from my home country that I have been driving for over 6 years and that
I have accident free record, my premium will drop by 500 $.
Since I could not produce the letter immediately , i had to pay a monthly premium of 134 dollars every month. On top of that they charged 3$ every statement as service fee . I felt that I had done a terrible mistake by
not researching different insurance companies.
Finally , When I did get the letter , they kept their word and reduced the premium and brought me to step 9.But still I am paying 932$ annually and i know some of my friends are paying much lesser.
So , I would advise you to do a study yourself and not just blindly sign on.Ultimately it’s your hard earned money and you have to spend it wisely.

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